Ohm a Revolutionary Donation Platform





Ohmcoin is a fast, secure, and energy efficient cryptocurrency, where new supply is minted by people holding Ohm in their wallet or in a Karmanode.

Ohm coins are fully transferable across the internet on the peer-to-peer network from one user to another almost instantaneously at almost zero cost. A small nominal transaction fee is also collected from every transaction and given to the stake and Karmanode owners as a bonus reward to encourage saving and securing the network.

Environmentally Friendly


30 Second Blocks

AOK Donations with Multisend

  • Algorithm Quark
  • Type PoW - PoS Hybrid*
  • Block Time 30 Seconds
  • Difficulty Retargeting Every Block
  • Karmanodes 3000 OHM Required
  • Wallet Staking Yes - 1 to infinite OHMC
  • Premine for coin swap 30Mil OHM*
  • OHM Created Per block 1 OHM*
  • Amount Designated for Rewards 100% of OHMC produced goes to Staking Rewards
  • Rewards Algorithm SeeSaw Based Targeting System
  • Amount of Rewards Per Block 2 Rewards, 1 for Karmanodes, 1 for Wallet Staking
  • Coin Maturity to Stake 150 Blocks



What is Kindness? It is deliberate positivity. It is being compassionate. It is giving – your time, your energy, your intentions. Kindness is a reward in and of itself, however would like to reward you for your positive actions. We will reward you for anything which enhances, exercises or nourishes the Mind, Body, or Spirit.

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    Like masternodes, Karmanodes help create price stability and strengthen a network from various attacks such as 51% attacks. There are also many benefits for karmanode holders such as voting rights on blockchain specific upgrades.

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